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Dirty Smelly Awning?


 Then why not send it to us for cleaning?

Apologies but we are not able to offer this service at present

Stains caused by insects and birds or by environmental impacts, such as soot, mildew, etc. will make your awning unsightly.

Our procedure not only gently and effectively cleans but also impregnates the material and protects it against new stains. Your sun protection looks fresh and clean again!

  • Gentle and effective cleaning
  • Stain treatment and removal of soot, grease, mildew, etc
  • Water- and dirt-repellent deep impregnation
  • The fabric remains breathable.
  • All treatment products used are environmentally friendly.
  • All textiles are delivered in a dry and ready-to-use state
Just give us a call today!
& we can arrange to collect your awning for cleaning


To arrange a collection of your Awning just call us on:

07920 017460

or Email

you will need to pay via Paypal, we will send you an invoice via email



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