How to wash your turnout rugs

If you only have a few rugs to wash you may want to save some money and do them yourself, here's some simple guidelines

  1. Remove excess soiling with a stiff brush
  2. Immerse your rug in a large tub of water, (warm if possible)
  3. Change the water and add some non-detergent soap such as Rugwash B
  4. Agitate and if badly soiled; remove from water and uses a yard brush to clean
  5. Rinse several times untill water is clear
  6. Roll up & squeeze out excess water
  7. Hang over a gate to dry (may take several days)
  8. Make sure rug is thoroughly dry before storering, DO NOt store damp
Do Not use Detergents on Turnout Rugs as it is a wetting agent and will destroy the water proofing, it will also make the waterproof coating often found on underside of some rugs hard and brittle and cause it to peel off.

You can also add dissinfectant to the wash stage, this will elliminate odours.

Don't be tempted to wash your rug in a domestic washing machine as the hairs and dirt will damage the pump over time.  Commercial washing machines empty by gravity and therefore can cope with the hairs and dirt.

You can use a pressure washer but be carefull some fabrics can be easily damaged by this method.

Cleaning your own rugs can be labour intensive & quite time consuming alternativeley send your rugs to be professionally cleaned at Bareback Laundry

Rugwash B is a non biological, non-detergent liquid soap designed specifically for washing Water Proof materials. Rugwash B is available from Bareback Laundry


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