Second Hand Rugs

All prices include postage to UK

Weatherbeta freestyle landa combo

£ 50 

This Rug has been used lightly, has one patch 16.5"x2.5" at rear. (see picture below)

professionally cleaned, proofed and repaired by "you know who" and ready for a new home.

Price includes postage UK

These rugs sell for about ~£90 new so grab a bargain



Saxon Medium wt Turnout 6' Green almost new

£ 35 

This rug has had light use in good condition, has been professionally washed & proofed by "you know who" and is ready to go


Price includes postage UK



Saxon light wt Blue Turnout nearly new

£ 35 

This light weight rug has had light use and has been professionally cleaned,proofed & repaired by "you know who"

1 patch 3 x 1.5"


Price includes postage UK






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