Top Tips

Insulate exposed water pipes 

Lengths of guttering cut to size and lined with insulating material make neat coverings for exposed water pipes around the yard and ensure that the lagging doesn't get waterlogged, tatty or chewed by horses and rodents.

Frozen Water Supply

Fill a couple of dustbins with water during cold spells and keep them close to the stable and field trough, These will give you a plentiful supply of water close to hand if the pipes freeze.

Don't loose your horse in the dark 

Stick reflective tape to your horses turnout rug so you can easily spot him in the dark.   If several horses are sharing the same field arrange the tape in different patterns to help you distinguish between the them easily.       Contact Bareback Laundry who can put reflective tape on your rug 

Equine Entertainment

Rinse out empty laundry detergent bottles and then hang them without caps from the rafters for the horses to use as tether balls! They delight in bashing and chasing it and if they happen to destroy it, just put up another! The only criteria are that they cannot have too stiff walls or be too easy to chew and adding pelleted feed will increase the fun! It rattles and they can eat the pellets if they manage to break the plastic. Rocks or marbles can be hazards! Use braided synthetic baling twine as the rope - they already know it isn't edible and it is very strong. Just make sure there are no loops to catch a head or hoof!



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