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Terms and Conditions of Use

Welcome to Bareback Laundry and thanks for visiting. By accessing our site, you are agreeing to these terms. So please read them carefully.

Using our Site

You may use our site and services only as permitted by law. We may suspend or terminate your access if you don’t comply with our policies or if we are investigating alleged misconduct.


We may send you announcements and other important information in connection with your use of our site. You may opt out of some of these communications at any time.


All orders should be accompanied by a Bareback Laundry order Sheet, available to down load here.


All rugs & other items are washed at just 28° C & warm air dried. This has been found to be the optimum method. Detergents are never used on turn out rugs as this can harm the water proofing properties of the rug and the rubber/plastic coating found on most turn out rugs.

When you use our services either directly or through one of our agents you are accepting our methods as suitable for your rugs, its up to you to check the labelling and washing instructions.


Tears are not always apparent until the rug has been cleaned, essential repairs will be carried out on your rug if it is deemed viable unless you state on the order you do not want any repairs carried out.

We can also quote you for repairs if required. Please ask on the order form.

Please check your order on return, Any discrepancies with your order must be raised within 24 hours of receipt.

Privacy Protection

See our Privacy Policy regarding how we handle your personal information and protect your private data when you use our site.



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